Inspired Preset


July Goza's Collection Vibe


We asked our parents what it felt like to read the newspaper on Sunday morning. Their answer gave us the inspiration for this low contrast, shadow enhancing, grain loving, preset. Make every photograph a headline with our preset inspired by your dreams for a better tomorrow.


— What's Included:


✓ 1 Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop. The presets are compatible with all versions of Lightroom on iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC Windows. You will both receive mobile dng files, and desktop xmp files versions of the presets.


✓ Instant Download. You will immediately have access to the files, and receive an order confirmation email with instructions on how to use! 


✓ Lightroom is needed, but no fret! You don't need to pay for it! Our presets are compatabile with the FREE Lightroom Mobile app! But also, with Adobe Creative Cloud!


✓ Instructions included in email! 

I'm an aesthete junkie and I

need my addiction fed.

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