Tiny Living in a Magical Bespoke Little Home

Tiny Home Airbnb

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Amenities 5/5

Clean 5/5

Details 5/5

Energy Approved

Vibe Approved

Tiny living is about using up the space available, and that's exactly what this airbnb did! Somehow the hosts were able to magically fit a kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and a meditating space all in one tiny space. The tiny home itself is made up of warm woods, and cream colors, with accent bohemian pieces, and a delicious humidifier and inspiring buddha statue.

The message is clear: relax. And that's exactly what you can do in this tiny home, and extremely comfortably, without compromising the things you find important, like enough space to shower and change, and a large bed.

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