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    Bucket Lists are made of wishes and dreams that we secretly think aren’t actually achievable, so we throw them in a bucket, and believe that maybe one day we’ll get lucky, and have the pleasure of checking something off. Well I wasn’t satisfied with that, and last year I decided I was going to absolutely empty the bucket. Starting with creating Goza. My name is Michelle, think of me as the creator and curator of GozaAesthetics. (And I’m Arleen, basically Michelle’s verbal filter and the author of this love letter, as I’m literally writing this bitch’s jumbled thoughts down into words so that they make sense.) So here is the part where I officially introduce the brain behind the product, and explain who, what, where, and why. So BUCKLE UP BITCHES, IT’S STORY TIME. 


    So, WHO is Goza? WHAT is Goza? WHY? HOW? Well, Goza didn’t really even know what Goza was until recently. On my 25th birthday, I woke up realizing I wasn’t happy. Something was missing, it had been a weird year, and I knew I needed more. I just kept thinking “what would 30 year old Michelle think?” I didn’t want to hit 30 and feel like I was still lost, and I knew I had to start putting things into action now. So I did what every basic millennial does, and decided to set on a journey of self-improvement. On this journey, I had the honor of helping a friend with some of her own creative and marketing projects, and it re-awakened a side of me that I had pricked with the needle of a spinning wheel, and put the fuck to sleep. I was suddenly creating again, coming up with ideas, using photography, graphics, and learning. (Arleen here! This is the moment she realized she was a boss ass bitch, and she doesn’t belong behind a desk, and that the best form of medication for her anxiety was to fucking create dope shit.)


    I then made the executive decision that in January 2020, I was going to launch something. Whether it was creating graphics, selling wallpapers, or pitching ideas to brands, I knew that I had to continue creating. I launched GozaAesthetics at midnight on January 1, 2020, with an idea, I was creating content with my photography, I wanted to set a vibe, and I was inspired by fresh starts. I wasn’t sure what I was creating, or what Goza was, and I wasn’t super proud, but at least I had started my journey, my name was out there. I had to let go of the idea of perfection. (Arleen again, we’re virgos, you don’t know how hard it is to let go of ‘perfection’).  After the launch, I took a lot of showers (Arleen: the shower is where she gets inspiration), and I began to get clarity, on my vision, and exactly what I wanted. 


    I realized that I had talent, but I was also surrounded by a community of talented people. (Arleen again, I’m going to cut in, because this next paragraph that I’m about to write, isn’t something Michelle would say, so I’m going to say it for her. This girl is the ultimate hype-man. Michelle can see your talents and your potential before you even see it yourself. And she makes you feel so good about yourself, and makes you feel so capable. And one thing that she has always been freakishly on point about, is creating teams. It’s like she has an x-ray vision for talent, and she mentally scans you, and knows exactly how to expose your talents, and put them to work in harmony with others to create a beautiful project. I don’t know how the fuck her brain works but it does it. Sorry, proceed.) 


    So I shifted my idea of just creating myself, to creating a community of talented people that could make a brand strong. I reconnected with Arleen, and we started filtering and jotting ideas down together, piecing the puzzle that was Goza, until it finally made sense. I didn’t want Goza to be about me, I wanted it to be about encouraging people to use the side of their brain that we aren’t encouraged to use. We have so many tools in this era to help us achieve dreams we thought were impossible, but we’re not encouraged to be creative, and make them happen. I wanted to inspire people to do that for themselves. Whether you are a retail manager, a lawyer, or student, or whatever during the day, at night you can play, and you can create. And I wanted to spotlight those talents, and those creations, and that is what my platform that I was creating was going to be for. 


    I’m creating a brand where we inspire, you create, and we show you off. That is when I realized, I am creating a digital museum. One you can carry in your pocket, that when your mind needs to look at something inspiring, or pretty, or creative, it’s right there. But also one that if you are inspired and want to create, you have something to get your juices flowing, and then be able to see it displayed and shown off to thousands of people, and be able to feel accomplished. There are no exclusions, you don’t need to be super talented, you just need to have the desire to create. It’s about being an escape from a world that blocks your creative mindset. 


    I named the brand Goza because since I was little, one of my oldest check points on my bucket list was to make my name a brand. And I am going to check it off that list. My family name Goza, is literally the Spanish translation of enjoy. And that is what I want. For people to enjoy life, and enjoy their talent, and enjoy beauty, and not just the kind in a lipstick tube. 


    So what is Goza? Goza is a digital museum. Every month is a vibe, full of inspiration, a creative work. We want it to inspire you, so that you can create, and we can display. This is an open love letter to remind you that life is to be enjoyed, and beauty is not just a fucking filter. It’s in everything around us, and begs us to jump in, don’t just sip the koolaid, down the whole damn shot, and get lost. So, here's to life! Cheers!

I'm an aesthete junkie and I

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