Frequently asked questions

What Is Goza?

In Short, a digital museum, inspired by us, created by you. Every month we pick a vibe, and splatter it on our feed, in hopes to inspire creators to do just that: create. So that way we can show you off, and display you. Digitally. For the long answer, here’s a link to our About page!

How can I submit my creations?

Here’s a link to our submit page! We welcome all creators, of any trade, or art form! Whether it’s cooking, singing, knitting, blogging, or making paper planes. If you have a hobby, or talent, let us know!

How do I use your preset?

Don’t fret, every download comes with an instruction manual, but if you need a little more help, submit a question, or DM us on instagram at @gozaaesthetic

How much time do I have to submit my creations?

If you’re inspired by the current month, send us a submission, and if it fits, we’ll collaborate! We understand art takes time though, which is why if you need a little more, and want to submit for the next month, we can send you the following month’s inspiration to give you all the time you need!

I'm an aesthete junkie and I

need my addiction fed.

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